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The Gospel

The Gospel simply means, “Good News”, however, before we can really understand why the Good News is so good, we need to know the bad news. 


The bad news is that we are all sinners. Paul says in Romans that we all “fall short” of God’s glory, and because we fall short of this standard we cannot earn or work for a right standing with God, but because we are sinners we can only earn death.

Despite our sin, God loves us, even though we do not live up to his standard of goodness and holiness, he loves us and wants to reconcile us to himself.


Therefore, God sends his only son, Jesus, to come and pay the price of our sin by dying on a cross. The penalty for sin is death, and Jesus paid the price in full for the whole world. Then after three days, he comes back from the dead proving he has power over sin and death and wants everyone to know that if they believe in Jesus, and trust in his work on the cross, believing he rose again from the dead will be saved from their sin.

Through believing in Jesus we are set free from the bondage of sin, even more, God credits to us the goodness and right standing we need to be reconciled to him.


He gives us his righteousness and declares us forgiven, even greater, he gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit to come and live within us, teaching us how to live lives that reflect the love and righteousness of God. Finally, for those who believe in Jesus, he guarantees us a place with him in heaven for all eternity.


The Gospel is all about God reconciling us back to him so that we can worship him and be with him forever and ever.


This is truly Good News.

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